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Helen Townsend is one of those rare artists who genuinely lives music, understands it’s power and knows how to harness it to tell a story which gathers you up and sweeps you along. Entwined through all of her songs is a sweet, sincere voice which simply glories in the telling of a story and injects just the right emotion into the words. There’s also an intimacy in her music which gently invites you in to share snippets of life’s journeys. 

The Fremantle-based singer-songwriter’s style runs the Americana gamut of roots rock, blues, country and folk.  With the release of her new debut Album, “Little Lover”, she moves into a more edgier, rockier and more diverse sound. 

She delivers intelligent lyrics and plays guitar with a passion born of her life experiences, of romance and wisdom, a celebration of life and resilience. She will have you looking into your soul one minute and rocking the next. 

Her music is soulful, edgy, her story telling is transfixing, her voice timeless and her stage presence is captivating with a pure and concise delivery - it’s a combination of this, her originality and authenticity that has garnered her widespread respectability. 

Performing as a Solo artist, Duo and a full band, she has performed across the country and has more recently supported the likes of Mick Thomas and the Roving Commission. 

Her international performance in Nashville at the Sounds of Australia showcase in 2018 alongside Catherine Britt, Melody Moko and Montgomery Church, earned her widespread recognition and respect as an emerging Americana artist. 

Nominated for multiple West Australian Music awards including 2019 and 2017 “Best Country Act”, 2020 WA Country Music Awards for Female Artist / Emerging Artist / Album / Single x 2 Songs ""Upward Now" and "Big City".  Helen Townsend has had a huge impact on the Americana/Country/Folk scene in Western Australia in the past few years. Her recent album “Little Lover” receiving multiple award recognition. 

WINNER of 2020 WA Country Music Awards for:

 Emerging Artist of the Year;

Single of the Year | " Big City";

Helen has been nominated for many awards including: 

2020 WA Country Music Awards - Female Artist of the Year; 

2020 WA Country Music Awards - Independent Album of the Year;

2020 WA Country Music Awards - Single of the Year | "Upward Now" ;

4th Place - Ballad Category | Australian Songwriting Contest 2019 for Just One More Day;

WAM 2019 Best Country Act;

BBCMA 2017 Independent EP of the Year;

WAM 2017 Best Country Act;

WAM 2017 Song of The Year - Country Category – for ‘Promised Land’, co-written with Bill Chambers

BBCMA 2016 Single of the Year for ‘Red Light’;

WAM 2016 Song of the Year - Country Category – for ‘Streets of Glory’.

Album review

Helen Townsend took me on a beautiful journey through dark and light; night and day. It’s the kind of music that tells a story; that puts your imagination into overdrive. It’s the kind of music that sticks around in your mind, long after the CD ends. It’s a welcome feeling and one that I can’t believe that I ever shut my mind to.”

Karen Lowe | AMNplify | Click here to read more.....

Little Lover Album

Little Lover

Helen Townsend

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Independent Americana artist Helen Townsend is thrilled to announce the release of her long awaited debut album Little Lover, available from 23rd August 2019.

Little Lover is a departure from her multi-award nominated 2014 EP “Wayward Heart” to a more edgier, rockier and more diverse sound for the singer songwriter. The album features twelve of her original compositions, including promised land co-written with Bill Chambers which was nominated for WAM 2017 Song of the Year.

“Upward Now”, from the new Album, was inspired by “the feeling that no matter how bad things are, you know that if you hang in there, you will always end up ok”. Drawn from her Americana roots, its an upbeat, toe tapping, feel good song that has audiences singing along from the 2nd chorus.

Helen is a prolific songwriter, influenced heavily by her roots, her life’s journey and her unique observations on life. “Little Lover” showcases her songwriting and storytelling prowess and is a perfect example of the Americana genre.

Helen said.“Belle Harvey, James Newhouse and James Vinciullo co-produced the album, assisting me to find the right players for the sound I was looking for with the aim of shifting to an edgier outcome with a varied groove, dynamic and sentiment in each track, “Helen said.“Working with Lee Jones (The Sleepy Jackson, Eskimo Joe, Ruby Boots), who’s ability to find hooks and instrumentals that have personality to make a track come alive, adds so much to all the tunes!”

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"There’s lots of flavours in the music of Helen Townsend – alt-country, Americana, folk, for starters – but all these simply become words when you realise that what you’re hearing is the essence of the artist herself. You just know there’s something special going on."

 — Bob Gordon, Contributor to The West Australian & Editor, Around The Sound.

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